Wednesday, November 25, 2009

No Chemo Today

I was supposed to go in for chemo today, but I got sick on Monday. I caught the little one's stomach bug. Luckily the on-call Doctor for the Oncology office told me I could take Immodium and Phasyme. (Phazyme is an over the counter that helps with gas. It worked really well, I totally recommend it.)
Anyways, so Tuesday I woke up feeling better tummy-wise, but completely exhausted. So I called my mom, and luckily she was able to come up and help with the kids, so I could take a nice long, semi-delusional nap (another one of those where I could have sworn I was more awake doing things or talking to people, crazy!). Anyways, the Doctors do not like you to come in for chemo when you are sick, so they rescheduled me for next Tuesday.
I am bummed about changing the schedule. I am glad I will be a-okay for Thanksgiving though.
Happy Holidays!


  1. Hope you were able to enjoy all the joys that Thanksgiving brings!

  2. That bug is going around. I started coming down with it Tuesday morning. Glad you are feeling better!