Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chemo Side-effects are reducing!

Just thought I would share the good news! I can now enjoy chocolate again, because the metallic taste in my mouth is greatly reduced. It's still there, but not enough to be very bothersome, and food is beginning to taste more and more normal. When that taste is strong, chocolate really tastes horrible. But, starting last night, ahhhhhh, it was wonderful again. ;)
Also, no more bloody nose! Just a few days ago, a bloody nose was a common and frequent occurance. Not huge ones, usually, but I definitely would have to carry a tissue. Now, not at all! Now I just need to get rid of this little sinus infection, and I'll be ready to go! Yippee!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Met with the Surgeon

So yesterday I met with my surgeon. Here's the plan. He will remove my affected breast, and all of the lymph nodes in the armpit next to it. Then the boob doctor will come in and place a tissue expander. This will stretch the skin to get it to the size I want. Then she will close up, leaving some drains in place for fluid build-up. The drains sound kinda creepy, huh?
At first I was very upset when my surgeon told me he would be removing all of my lymph nodes. My chemo doctor had said that the surgeon probably wouldn't have to remove all of them. But apparently there is no test or anything the can do while in surgery to see which exact lymph nodes need to be removed, and it is just safer to remove them all. So after I got all done being upset about that, and worried that I would develop Lymphedema, I talked to some friends, and found out that Lymphedema is not a guaranteed thing, nor does it stay for life if you happen to develop it. It kinda comes and goes like strep throat can. So that is a big sigh of relief, and I won't worry about it anymore.
I still need to decide what size I want to be when all is said and done. Do I go with my breastfeeding size (which is hard to find bras for in the regular stores, but will balance out my gut better), or regular me (which is a good size too, but not as big and fun, though I will fit into button-up shirts better). The insurance will cover "adjusting" the unaffected breast to match, so I can go either way I want. But I won't get that surgery until about 6 months after the radiation is completed, so that the skin will be all healed up and acting normally by the time we need to bother it with the surgery.
Fun stuff, huh?! It is really different/interesting/frusterating/fun trying to decide what size I want my boobies to be. I guess I'll look pretty normal no matter what. So, here's to deciding. (Cheers!)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Last Chemo!

Hello all. Here is my report on my last real Chemo. It is over and done with! Woohoo! The doctor said I was clinically considered to be in remission. So that is great! WonderfulHubby came with me to the appointment, and was very supportive as I fell asleep for the first hour or so. ;)  One of my friends who works in the hospital stopped by to say hello, and brought me some yummy brownies. She had thrown a party for me the night before with a few friends to help keep my mind off the appointment. It was very fun, just a small gathering of friends to gab and laugh with.
So the chemo (on Friday) went well, and I went in the next day for my Newlasta (sp?) immune booster shot. My oldest Daughter was baptized on Saturday (it also happened to be her 8th birthday!). My parents had brought my Grandpa to the baptism, driving him the three to four hours it takes to get from his house to ours. It was so very nice to see him, and all of the other family that were able to make it. I gave a talk about the Holy Ghost at the service, and helped her change after WonderfulHubby baptized her. I was pretty tired by then, and my inspired Sister-in-Law had offered to arrange a get-together for the family afterward, so I was abl to come home and lay down in piece, and my daughter was able to celebrate her birthday and baptism with her family.
So that night I got sick once, but it wasn't too horribly bad. And that was it, as far as getting sick goes. I had been so nervous because the previous treatment was so hard on me, and I was so very sick, but this time around, I was still very tired, and somewhat nauseated, but not sick. Thank Goodness!
And that is pretty much the story. We have scheduled my Mastectomy (just the affected side will be removed) for March 8th.  Not looking forward to that, but am not as nervous about it as I was the last chemo treatment (yet). Thank you all for your support. Sorry if this entry is a little scattered, but well, hopefully you understand all that I was trying to express.  :)