Sunday, February 10, 2013

Just a thought

Asking why bad things happen is like riding a boat in a whirlpool.  You don't get anywhere and it just makes you feel bad.  Bad things happen. Take them as they come and start from there, move on.


  1. Hahaha, that question made me laugh so hard.
    I believe good things happen to good people, that God loves us and wants us to feel his love when we need it the most. I believe we make our own luck, that what goes around comes around.
    I know it may seem addle-pated to believe God sends good and doesn't stop the bad from coming, but I also believe we need the hard times to learn and grow as people, that good comes from them eventually. Even if what comes from them is nothing more than inspiring someone else going through a hard time to hold on until their hard time is over. I believe that is worth it. Maybe not in a financial sense, but overall eventually somehow it is. {shrug} :)

  2. But good things happen to total assholes, too. Which I think just teaches them that being an asshole pays off, which it sort of seems to in a lot of cases. I think ascribing intention to it all makes for some very tricky situations to try to fit to the model without getting really pissed off at whoever made the %$*@! model. So instead I just try to focus on some external truths: how good your life is depends a lot on how grateful you are for the wonderful that happens.

  3. Anne, sorry I'm slow to see this blog. Heidi just gave me the address at work. I'm glad to hear that your surgery went well. We hope you will be back to work soon.