Saturday, October 24, 2009

Funny Side Affects

So I am feeling pretty much back to normal, have been since Thursday. The one thing that isn't yet is my tongue. You know how when you fall asleep and breathe through your mouth, when you wake up your tongue feels funny? That's how my tongue feels. And some things don't taste the same anymore. Like I used to be just fine drinking tap water as long as it was cold. Not anymore, it tastes yikky. And so does the filtered stuff in the fridge. But bottled stuff is okay, and so is milk and apple juice.  The doctor (Dr H) warned us about this, and now I see what he was talking about. Not that it's horrible. I'll take this over puking any day.
And WonderfulHubby was so sweet, when I mentioned it the other day he said, "Well, you need to keep drinking, should we get you some water flavor packets." I love how supportive he is. And really, everyone is so nice. I have a wonderful family, and super great friends. Thank you all!!!

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  1. Ugh! I'm sorry. I would imagine that could throw you off, having tastes change. You have a wonderful family and great friends, because you are such an amazing person! Everyone can't help but just love and adore you. Hope you keep on smiling! xo