Monday, October 26, 2009


Hello all!
I went in for my blood cell count this morning.  (thanks to Wonderful Hubby for calling to remind me about it!!!) It was kinda low, which is to be expected with the Chemo. The nurse didn't seem too concerned. She showed the doctor the printout, and he had her give me an immune boosting shot, and then I'll get another one tomorrow, and then she will check my levels again on Wednesday. This will get my bone marrow working overtime, producing more white blood cells, and so on, thank goodness for modern science! She said I might be a little achy the next couple of days, but I can take tylenol and Ibuprofen for it. So that's good.
I took Little Boy and Little Girl with me, and they were so good. We looked at magazines, trying to find pictures of puppies, or anything interesting. While flipping through a Readers Digest we found a drawing/cartoon of a lady in a clamp, next to a picture about stress. Little Boy kept going back to that page to look at it. He said he was going to "get" that man that was squishing the lady. What a cute boy!


  1. Too adorable, litte boy cute! Ready to be a night in shining armor. Re you, way to get those blood cells pumping. Ka-pow! Then YOU'LL get those bad cancer cells squishing your booby!

  2. Aww such a sweetie! Hope you continue doing well. It's so inspirational to see you keeping your chin so high up, so proud of you!! Not many have your strength, courage and happiness. :)