Monday, November 9, 2009

Feeling a little better

Well, the nausea is mostly gone, and I am just left with the fatigue and funny side effects from chemo. So the nerve endings in my fingers are more sensitive now, so when I do things like run my hand under hot water, I get pin pricks of pain from the heat. I was making Cream of Wheat for the kids for breakfast this morning, and the steam was really bothering me. But Oldest Boy came and stirred it for me, so that worked out just fine. My taste buds are also on the frits too. Since the chemo kicked in, I haven’t really been able to taste salt. In fact, a cup of water WonderfulHubby brought to me tasted so horribly sweet. So I have been avoiding sweets this time around, in order to avoid sugar overload and more nausea.

And the fatigue has been extreme this time around. I just had a nap on Friday and felt okay most of the day, but on Saturday I slept most of the day, and had conversations with WonderfulHubby that only happened in my head. That led to some confusion, but it wasn’t too bad.

Saturday was also Oldest Boy’s Ninth Birthday. My mom, Grammie, left a present for him to open when she was here to help on Friday. He could hardly wait until I was awake enough to sit and watch him open it. It was clothes for church and a Bionicle. He was so cute, and happy to get all of them, I guess he had noticed he needed new church clothes too. Hehehe We didn’t do much else to celebrate his birthday on Saturday, what with me being so out of commission and all, but the weather was so nice the kids played outside a lot.

On Sunday I got up to help get everyone off to church. Then I took a little nap until it was time for me to get ready. I just came to the last part of the meeting because this week all the kids were putting on a program. Singing songs and talking about families in the gospel. Both of my big kids had a speaking part along with singing in a smaller group. My local family came up for the program, and then back to my house. They made dinner (Dad had brought up a super yummy roast, and I had thawed out some roll dough I had made a while ago), while I rested. More family from WonderfulHubby’s side came over and we ate dinner, opened presents and let the kids play for a while. I mostly just sat. Everyone had fun, and Oldest Boy really enjoyed all the presents he got. KE (my older brother’s wife) made a cake for him all decorated like a scene from the game Plants vs. Zombies. She and AR (my bro) did a GREAT job. Very talented, she is. I didn’t eat any because I didn’t want my sugar only taste buds to rebel, but everyone else really liked it. And I appreciate the time she put into it. I had planned on making him a cake, but accepted when she offered and now know I never would have had the energy to make anything.

Well, that should sum up pretty well right now. Today I am feeling much better, very little nausea, and the fatigue is under control. Little Girl just didn’t want to sleep all snuggled with mommy this morning, so oh, well, life goes on.  :)


  1. Hi, I am Tera Scadden's mom and she told me about yourblog and I have been following it. I had a friend who was on chemo and she said the same thing about sweets, she said the thing to eat is sour candy. Hope that this helps, I keep you in my thoughts and prayers as my mom had breast cancer as well. Keep thinkg positive thoughts and keep smiling although I realize that this must be hard some days. Trust in the Lord and he will carry you through those tough times.

    Deirdre Nordfors

  2. I am glad to be able to follow your progress in such depth. However, it can be hard to think of such a wonderful person to be going through everything you're presented with. I do, as always, LOVE your wonderfully positive attitude. Happy late bday to OB! Get some rest and keep on keepin' that chin up!! xo