Monday, November 9, 2009

Immune Booster shot

On Thursday when I went in for chemo, they checked and my white blood cell count was a little low. Not too low so as to skip chemo, but low enough I would have to get the immune boosted shot again. But they have a different kind that lasts for 14 days, so I wouldn’t have to go in everyday, and that is the one the doctor wanted me to get. So I went in on Friday for that. I just ran up there with Little Boy and Little Girl after the Big Kids got off to school. The Chemo hadn’t hit me yet, so I felt fine. There was a couple in the waiting room that had two therapy dogs with them. Little Boy and Little Girl were ecstatic to see them, and enjoyed petting the gentle dogs. These ones were the Norwegian Water Dogs, so they were big-ish, and had black curly hair. After the dogs left, the kids spent their time moving the magazine table in the waiting room. If they worked together, they could move it just fine. And they remembered where the treat bucket was to get their suckers after my shot. Super cute kiddos.


  1. Aw, they are such good kids, all of them! We miss them.

  2. Hi there mommyinpigtails, I'm just catching up. Re size: I had a dream about your boobies being all small and there was just a little bump that was the tumor. Your boobies looked pretty odd, but I guess that's how my subconscious wraps it's head around chemo shrinking your breast cancer. Re cute kiddos: is it odd that I tear up (as in cry, not rend things apart--darn homonyms) hearing about Oldest Boy stirring Cream of Wheat for you? I feel like Dad when he would get all choked up and turn red and shake because of a kodak commercial or something.

  3. Thanks Jen!
    Marti - Re: dream, that's funny because before I developed, I would dream that boobies were looooong bumpy things that women bundled up into bras. Hmmm, interesting.
    Re: kiddos - not at all. I think it is a rather healthy thing to get all choked up about little things like that. I often do about country music, (wait, maybe that's why I don't listen to it).