Monday, November 16, 2009


On Sunday afternoon we were all doing our thing, hanging out around the house, playing computer and watcing tv and whatnot. I realized I hadn't seen Youngest Girl for a while. I had Oldest Boy look for her downstairs, and WonderfulHubby helped me look for her upstairs. We found her. In the doorway between our bedroom and our bathroom.
With an open box of tampons.
And about 75% of them spread out around her.
Some were out of the plastic wrapping, some were pulled completely apart. She had one each hand, one to her mouth to rip it open when we found her. She looked up at us like "What? These things are FUN to pull apart, and smell good too!"
Thank goodness it was a generic brand I found on clearance, so only about $1 down the drain.
Or donated to "Craft Supplies"
However you want to look at it.  :)


  1. OH, the joys of being a Mother!!!! :)

  2. That is HILARIOUS! I can just picture her innocent look while doing so. That's one of those stories you can tell her first date. ;)

  3. I know! I just wish I had grabbed my camera!