Thursday, November 5, 2009

One-third done with Chemo!!

Well, today WonderfulHubby took the day off again to go to chemo with me. I had a great sister-in-law lined up to come to chemo with me, but hubby volunteered to come, and who wouldn't want their eternal companion with 'em, right? And it worked out good for her, she has a busy week!

So we got the Big Kids out the door, then I got ready and walked the Little Kids around the corner to a neighbor's house they love to play at, and WonderfulHubby picked me up and we went to the hospital. When we got in, Nurse Jennifer checked my blood count again. The White blood cells were a little low, but high enough to still get chemo today (if they are too low they will postpone chemo and give you immune boosting shots). But I have to go in tomorrow for a shot, but this one lasts two weeks so I don't have to go in today. And I got permission to use my Lortab leftover from my porta-cath operation when the shot kicks in in two or three days. Nice!

So after the blood test, we waited in a room for Dr. H to come in. He asked me if I thought the tumor had shrunk at all. I said maybe a little... So he pulled out his plastic caliper thingys, telling us it had measured at almost 10 sonometers (about 5 inches, it's like doctor's version of cm) across and top to bottom the time before. He measured the tumor, and told me it was about half the size it was before! Oops, my bad! He did say it was softer and more difficult to find the edges, so maybe that is why I had a harder time, but you'd think I would notice... Oh well, Woohoo!!! So when he said the first visit that the tumor might disappear completely, he wasn't being overly optimistic! Oh and WonderfulHubby remembered to ask how long the tumor had been growing, and he said only about a year or two. So it’s not like it has been there for years and the doctor missed it at my annual screening. There was just no way to tell what it was while pregnant and nursing. Also, looking at a chart in the exam room, my cancer would really be classified a stage II, because it is only in the breast and the lymph node, but they had to call it a stage IIIA because of the size. Lots of boring info, I know. ;)

Let’s see, then into the chemo room. We got there early enough that I found a chair off to the side so WonderfulHubby could sit more out of the way. And no shake spilling this time! When they give me my chemo, they give me a few pre-chemo injections that help with potential side effects. One of them is Benedryl. So after looking through a magazine a bit, I had a nice little nap for about an hour. Then just waiting. We found out the hospital had free wi-fi, so WonderfeulHubby brought the laptop so I could facebook and play my online games (lucky he knows his way around a computer, it took some looking for him to find the wi-fi signal, I woulda had no clue!). It was very nice. WonderfulHubby went out and got us Arby’s for lunch. All in all a good visit.

Last night (Wednesday) I had a Scentsy party. It really helped to keep my mind off the coming chemo treatment. I had one about a year before with the same consultant, and she does one of my friend’s shows (that’s how we met). Well, when she heard I had breast cancer (and go ahead, tell anyone you like. I announced it on the internet, I don’t care ~smile~), she raffled off the cute October jack o’ lantern shaped warmer, and handed me a card with a check on the way out the door. It was pretty good size. I just feel so blessed when things like that happen.

And I had such a great time visiting with all my friends at the Scentsy party. One who had moved up to Ogden came, and I tell you, she is a hoot!!! And a good dear friend I went to high school with came up from South Jordan. And lots of good friends who live close by! It was fun.

Well, I should really go to bed now. Love you all! ;)


  1. Love your great attitude and appreciate the information that you share about your treatment. You are in our prayers.

  2. Glad to hear all of the good news!! :)

  3. That is amazing that it's already shrunk so much. And hooray for wifi and naps! I love you and am thinking and praying for you all the time!