Sunday, March 28, 2010

Less Borg-Like, more Gumby-ish

Well, as I said before, the surgery went well. Recovery was moving along without too much pain, thanks to the Lortab. Then the second week, about Tuesday (March 15) or Wednesday, the Lortab stopped working. Very painful. But then On a whim the next Monday (March 22) I decided to take 3 Ibuprofen, and it worked!!!  So I used those for a few days until the pain dropped off again this weekend, and I only get random stabbings of pain, which I figure Ibuprofen wouldn't help much for anyways, and I just take them at night.

So on the 22nd I went in for a check-up with the plastic surgeon, hoping she would remove the drain. But it was still putting out too much fluid. She said to come back Friday and one of the nurses on her staff could remove it as long as it was only putting out below 30 ml a day. It got down that low, and so they took it out!!!!  I was forewarned, and took a good dose of over-the-counter pain pills so I could drive myself (because WonderfulHubby had to go to work that day), and the pain wasn't as bad as I expected. That afternoon I also went to Physical Therapy. I was warned that physical therapy might hurt a lot too as they stretched me, but I am a limber person. The Physical Therapist said her husband was limber like me and she called said he was like a gumby person. It was funny as she measured the movement of my good arm so she could see how far the affected arm would need to move. The good arm could relax into positions upto 30 degrees past "normal." Wahahaha, I like being a little abnormal. lol  So my affected arm is really close to normal range, but not quite there. So she gave me a list of stretches to do and a pulley thing to hook on a door so I can slowly get me affected arm up to where it needs to be.  Other than that, the physical therapist extended my "don't pick up the kids" rule for another 3 weeks. Grrr. I mean, I can pick them up with my good arm, so that'll get it done most of the time, but I can't carry Little Girl into bed when she falls asleep.

So Friday was a good, productive day. WonderfufHubby has Monday off, and then he's back to work. But his mom has come down to visit and help this coming week. I am excited, we get along very well. And she is the sewing queen! So I am hoping she can help me with a couple of projects I haven't gotten too.

Well, that's all for now. :)


  1. You are the most awesome abnormal person I know, if by abnormal you mean things like better than normal attitude, better than normal mommying skills, etc, etc. You amazing woman you.

  2. As I read your blogs I am just amazed at your outlook, and your courage! I am speechless.....and for me that's really something. haha Seriously though I can't even put into words how inspiring you are. I just love you Anne!