Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Well, I am back home and enjoying having my little sister around playing with my older kids and keeping me entertained.  My wonderful mom took the two little kids to stay at her house overnight a couple of nights, so that they would not overly love me for a couple of days. I have found that percocet makes me itchy, so Lortab it is. I have a drain, so I am slightly more Borg-like. And my arm is stiff and feels a little funny. But the doctors and the paperwork they gave me said to start using my arm for light-duty stuff right away. The paperwork mentioned doing my hair. I laughed about that. Then I brushed out my sister's hair.
I have to wait until the drains come out to really shower. grrrr. but that's okay, because I am still swollen, so I am not planning on going anywhere anytime soon. It's a good thing I have books and movies and tv shows and stuff like that. I am still really tired, but I can take a nap whenever I want to, as long as I can get comfy. Thank goodness for all of these wonderful people in my life!


  1. Oh, and I called this lumpy-ness, because that's how I am right now with the swelling and the tissue expander. See, I am still not all coherent yet. But how is that much different than usual?

  2. Ann, you are amazing to even be blogging right now! It is amazing how you keep your spirits up. We love you and are praying for you.