Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Boobie Doctor

I met with Dr. Marga Massey down in Salt Lake earlier this month (June), about a week after radiation was done. She is this very wonderful doctor who spends her whole time doing breast cancer reconstructions. She has three hospitals she operates out of, and has five offices around the US she regularly visits so that women from all over the US can have an easier time getting in to meet with her and get a consult. She is really neat, and specializes in doing reconstructions with the patient's own fatty tissue. I've done a LOT of research and asking around, and have decided that this is what I want. So I had a very nice meeting with her. She said she was kind of at a loss on what to do with me because I was so informed on the different options. But I am one of the lucky ones who had chemo first, and not surgery first, so I had plenty of time to decide, and wasn't walking into this meeting a nervous wreck.

I'll post again when I get closer to the surgery date. So I think I may be done posting (or feeling guilty about not posting, heh heh), for a while. Love you all. Thank you for all your prayers and support!

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