Sunday, June 13, 2010

Test Results

So I went in for my Herceptin treatment on the last day of radiation. I asked Dr.Hansen how we would know it was all effective. He had forgotten to have me go in and get an x-ray and blood work done after the final "real" chemo treatment, so he wrote me a prescription (order?) to get that done. I went in a couple days later and quickly got that taken care of.

Dr. Hansen's office called about a week later with the results. The office lady left me a message on my cell phone.

Wanna hear the results?

Are you sure?


No More Cancer!!!! I am officially in remission!!!


That's one message I don't want to erase, ever.  :)

So, as it stands, I keep doing the Herceptin treatments every three weeks until October (so that I've had it for one full year). Then come November or December I can get the first reconstruction sugery done (there are usually three reconstruction surgeries).  I'll have mammograms on the remaining "real" breast every year, probably for the rest of my life. And life will move on...


  1. Anne, that is soooo great to hear. Good luck with the future and hang in there!! You are a real trooper.

  2. congratulations Anne!! How exciting to be in remission :)

  3. I love you! I'm so excited for you!Seriously save that msg, and record it playing on the phone on a camcorder too. Good stuff!

  4. woot! woot!!! I am so so glad. Thank you so much for sharing. I think it would take forever to explain in such detail all you had to do. It really has made me greatful and just today made me realize that if I ever have to go through this at least I have some idea of what to expect. Lots of love.