Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bras... Ah!

Seriously, all my guy friends who read this, you can skip this, or not, but you may be uncomfy...
Okay, so I finally went in to get fitted for a bra, it's been about 2-3 years since I have, and now that things have settled a bit I figured it was a good time. WonderfulHubby came with me, and we went to the local JC Penney's.  The person who measured me was really nice, and told me I was wearing the wrong sized bra, namely the band size, I was wearing ones that are too small. And then I tried on a BUNCH of bras. Let me tell you, this was not fun. The "bad" side is flat faced and wide, and still fairly firm, so it doesn't squish into the cup like the normal side does, and some of the full cover bras had extra "poof-age" on that side. I had a few mini-panic attacks, but the lady was super helpful, and because no one else was looking in the bra area, WonderfulHubby was able to come and sit in the cozy waiting area just outside the changing rooms, and come in and calm me down when I needed him too. So we ended up with 3 bras that work great, so that is a relief! (We know things may change again after the next surgery, so no point in stocking up a ton.
Also, while I was there, the nice lady was chatting to me about bras, and gave me the following tips:
1- A 10 pound weight change can change your bra size (I was astounded!!).
2 - You shouldn't wear the same bra two days in a row, because that will stretch them out.
3 - You should get fitted every year, just 'cause your body can change a bit even if your weight doesn't. So maybe go get fitted right before your next mammogram, or for your birthday every year... Hmmm, It's an idead


  1. True . . . true . . . true.

    Bodies are always changing, as are our minds.
    We need to measure both so that everything fits.

    I never used to get measured for bras, but it makes such a difference in comfort. Seems like I have worn about 8 different sizes over the years.

  2. Yeah, feels like I am getting close to that number too! :)

  3. This just tells me I know I'm not wearing the right size. I haven't gotten a new bra since about 50-60lbs Ago! Hmmm. Tying it off in the back isn't really the best method I guess. LOL!

  4. And WAY TO GO on the new Equiptment!