Monday, March 14, 2011

Mini Update

So, I totally got the drains removed the same day as my last post. Thank goodness! So now my total Borg-ness is down to Zero!!
And, after waiting and hunching over for another week, I had permission to stand up straight! And I figured out why she didn't want me to stand up straight: I simply couldn't. She had tightened me up pretty well, so there wasn't any give. So the first day I was about 5 degrees off straight up (and down). The next few days I looked like I was standing up straight, but didn't feel like it. Now I feel like I really can, and it's so nice. It took my back a while to stop aching from hunching over all the time, and I still wear my belt/corset thing to help my tummy from feeling like it's falling apart, though I can go without it for a few hours. And my stamina is coming back, ever so slowly. I can wash dishes all in one go, and vacuum the living room. Though not one right after another, but maybe next week. Heck, really when did I ever do that with any regularity? ;) Starting next week I can start to exercise, though I plan (hope???) to find time to use the treadmill this week. Oh, and my tummy is flat. Really, this a great result of having Breast Cancer. I had a bit of a post-baby pudge started after baby #3, and then had baby #4, and then it started growing after chemo was over, so if you didn't know my situation, you might be tempted to ask if I was pregnant. So now my clothes fit better, and I am ready to get rid of all of my peasant top shirts that I bought to hide my uneven chest and pudgy tummy. I probably just keep a favorite or two, and let the rest go.
As for future stuff: I'll meet with Dr. Chen again in May to schedule my next, LAST, surgery, which should be much quicker and easier to recover from. Woohoo!
And that's all I have to say about that.  :)

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