Thursday, October 8, 2009

PET/CT scan Results

Monday I talked with Wanda again, the nurse in the Breast cancer office. She told me the results from the PET/CT scan. Hubby and I had been worried that since the cancer had spread to my lymph node, that had taken it on a free ride throughout my body and I'd have pockets or masses of it everywhere. But it hasn't mutated that much! So I might have some cancer on an ovary, or it could just be a cyst. So they told me to make an appointment with Dr. GG to figure that out. (Pap smear? who knows)

She also told me the result of the test for the receptors on the cancer cells. As I wrote before, they could have Estrogen, Progesterone or HER2 receptors, or none of those. Mine came back as HER2 positive, which is good, because there is a good medicine out there called herceptin (sp?) that I will take over the next year or so that will block all of those receptors on the cancer cells to keep them from hooking up with other good cells. Or something like that.

She also said to get a flu shot, and to avoid taking vitamins or herbal medicines until I check with Dr. H when he is giving me my chemo treatment, because some of these can inhibit the chemo working as well as it should.

She also said he wanted to start me on chemo a week after I get my porta-cath in. Not looking forward to that, but I am looking forward to shrinking these lumps!!


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  2. Wahoo to results that are apparently helpful! Crazy wahoo to no extra little cancer buddies. Ovary smovary--seriously, I think those have already done a lot of good work. :)