Tuesday, October 6, 2009

PET/CT scan

This was the next day, Thursday. I was supposed to go on a low carb, high protein diet starting 24 hours before the scan and not eat anything after midnight. Though they wanted me to drink as much water as possible and stay as calm as possible. No exercising (no worries there). Hubby took that day off from work, so I hid in the bedroom reading all morning while he wrangled kids. Luckily the kids had that day off too, so he didn't have to get them out the door for school. My mom came up and watched the kids so we could go.

The Pet scan is in a trailer in the parking lot of the hospital. They are very adamant in the instructions that patients are not to walk up the stairs to the trailer. They are to call when they arrive. So we did. They had a platform with a wheelchair on it, which I walked up to and sat in while I enjoyed the jerky ride up.

Then the tech had me sit and drink the CT scan drink. A chalky, berry flavored mixture that tasted great at first (because I hadn't eaten all day), but not so yummy by the time I finished it. He gave me an injection of radiated stuff (I guess). Then asked me to lay back and try to sleep, and to not listen to my ipod, if possible.

Amazingly enough I did fall asleep.

After about half an hour he took me into the PET scan room. I laid down on this long narrow table with my arms above my head. He put a blanket on me and tucked it in around my calves, and another over my arms (so thoughtful, because it was a cold day and that trailer had gaps in places.

So then one scan for the CT part of the machine, to create and outline, then a series of 4 or 5 scans with the PET part of the machine to track blood flow. These scans were staying in one spot for about 5 minutes, then suddenly moving into the machine farther for the next section. I didn't fall asleep then because I didn't want to jerk awake when the machine moved and possibly mess up a scan. I just hoped I had my eyes closed and still when they scanned my head. (heck, maybe they didn't, I don't know.)

That night my neighbor who had watched the kids brought us dinner. Rotisserie chicken, cheesy potato casserole (SUPER GOOD), veggies and rolls. If I get the recipe from her I will post it here.

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